Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A week in tweets......

I don't do tweeting. And have absolutely no intention of starting anytime soon. However this post is inspired by a blog I read http://slummysinglemummy.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/a-week-in-tweets-whyimovedtobristol/
She somehow blogs everyday. I could never manage this myself but I think she writes for a living which would be nice but I have to stick to my day job for now.
Anyway here goes.....my week last week, in tweets.  Oh and sorry for breaking the rules. (I think its a maximum of 140 characters per tweet)
Monday: Two of my oldest girlfriends come for lunch in between doing the school run both ways and a 160 mile round trip each. I'd like to think its because I am such a good cook but I seriously doubt it. 3 precious hours of catching up.
Tuesday: Took the baby boy to the doctors (again) to see if the vomit inducing chesty cough he has is in fact a chest infection. The answer was no, buy some cough mixture. The washing machine is about to pack it's bags and leave.
Wednesday: Start of my working week so I had a lunch break and did one hour of power shopping. Oh and did some work.
Thursday: The baby boy threw up over me just 10 minutes before walking out of the door to meet a friend at the pub to drink too much wine. A quick change, baby wipe away cheesy smell and I make it still only 10 minutes late. Actually only drink 2 glasses for fear of whether I will get much sleep in the night ahead.
Friday: Nostalgia trip to Northampton general hospital for a routine eye clinic appointment. All fine there but had the urge to detour past the doors of the ward I was on for weeks and weeks before having the boy. Never fails to bring a lump to my throat - the beginning of my blogging days - http://www.cheekyboycausestrouble.blogspot.com/
Saturday: Our God-daughters 5th birthday party today so DH took DD dosed up on calpol as she has been a bit poorly yesterday. She perked up at the thought of cake and a party bag though.
Sunday: Hooray, the sun is out, the clocks went forward last night and we spent most of the day outside sunning our pale white bodies. Even hot enough to get the sun cream out- a first for 2012. In desperate need for vitamin D.
So there you go, the week that was. Xxxx

Go and have a look at the others if you have a minute........


  1. I hope your baby boy is feeling better now. From this evidence you need to get on Twitter ! ;) x x

  2. Hi, thanks he is better now ad we've just come back from holiday which was just what we needed. No more puking so fingers crossed!!!! X