Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ironing versus Blogging

 Its beating me. The ironing pile is spilling over the top of the 3rd basket.

Its so boring but necessary. Some of my friends say they don't do ironing yet they never look creased or scruffy. They must know something I don't. If I had a spare £200 I would be driving this little lot down to 'ironing 4U' on Monday morning. But I don't, so between me & DH (oh yes, I am lucky enough to have a husband who shares the chores) we have a long steamy week ahead.......

Can I just say in my defence though, We have just come back from our holiday, plus there was a bit of a pile before we went on hols too........honest. My standards are definately dropping. So when I have got to the bottom of this, (probably some time in 2014) I promise to be back with a half decent post. xxx
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  1. I don't iron! We don't even have an ironing board, just a heatproof mat thing. Until a couple of weeks ago we had an ancient iron inherited from my grandma, we now have a new one which came free with a new appliance, which has only been used to iron some fabric that I was making something with!

    I purposefully buy things that don't need ironing, e.g. for work I never wear shirts or blouses, I wear knitted or stretchy tops. My husband wears polo shirts for work, yes he does look a bit scruffy but that's up to him!

    My little ones aren't at school yet so perhaps if they were wearing school shirts I would iron then, I will see! If my husband wants a shirt ironing for somewhere smart then he irons it himself...he probably does a better job anyway!

    Good luck!

  2. No ironing board !!!!!!! Yes I bet you might need to do a bit when you have school uniforms, gingham summer dresses just scream to be ironed xxx we made a dent in it the pile today though.....