Sunday, 29 April 2012

There's a bit of humour in everyone.....

There's a drought on apparently. We had a leaflet through the door from Anglian Water telling us how to save water. As I write this it's blowing a gale outside and rain lashing against the window. It feels like it's been raining for weeks and weeks.  This weather has coincided with me starting running in an attempt to get fit and lose a bit of weight. So far I have been doing it just 2 weeks or so but am going out every other day and trying to go in the rare dry moments. However today there is no dodging the rain so out I go this morning. DH asked me to 'run' past the local shop to buy burgers and buns en route (that well known traditional family Sunday lunch) so I did.

There is a lady who works there who has always been a bit sour faced to say the least. Ever so slightly rude, tuts if you produce a note that will use up all her change, frowns upon any child acting naughty, never holds the door for the buggy etc etc etc.  My Mum made the mistake of saying to DD that she didn't think the lady in the shop was very nice, forgetting that DD NEVER forgets a word said to her. So of course one day in there, DD pipes up very loudly " Nan - thats the lady you don't like isn't she? " Mum: embarrased silence. DD: "Nan. Nanny. Naaaann - did you hear me? - thats that rude lady isn't it????" Mum:  More silence and stony look from lady before Mum slinks away from the shop vowing never to say anything like that in fromt of DD again.  Hilarious.

Anyway, so I went out for my run. I am looking gorgeous - wet hair stuck to my head, glasses steamed up and rain dripping off the end of my nose. Relieved that there's no-one I know in the shop, grab the burgers and buns. Sour face lady is on the till. I cringe because I have a £10 note. No comment from her at all but just as she gives me the change she glances at my stuff and says "having a BBQ this afternoon? Nice weather for one.....?"  Eh?  We have a little banter "Oh yes well there is a drought on isn't there?" I say. She cracks a smile and I am stunned. She's my new best friend.

Not a very exciting story, but just goes to show that there has to be a little chink of light & humour in even the most straight faced people. It made me think - I have been going in that shop for 8 years and never had a pleasant experience with her. So that's my little challenge for this week to see if I can get a little bit out of someone that I normally wouldn't spend time talking to or be bothered with......


  1. I think everyone has a #grumpyladyintheshop but as you say, if you make an effort to crack a joke sometimes it pays off. If nothing else it makes your trip to the shops a little more pleasant.

    Burgers for Sunday lunch though? Ew!

  2. Err yes, not our normal Sunday lunch I have to say in my defence !!!! Normally much healthier than that.....